Interactive Media

If you are looking for cutting edge promotion to stand out from the rest of the crowd. A CD business card is a multi-functional digital CD that can fit in your wallet. The front side features your company logo or design. The CD holds 50MB of space which will allow you to add MPEG video to your presentation. At Zitech we can develop small commercials, product demonstrations or live performances to impress potential clients. With Interactive background music, titles and transitions your card will hold everything you need for your product and services. Also we install an HTML page that allows customers to go straight to your web site or e-mail for an immediate response. Another option is a digital photo gallery shows products, employees, locations, or inventory. All photos are edited and stored in a separate folder. All photos can also be printed, e-mailed or used in other publications. The CD business card also contains a text folder for print & fax applications, company policies, biographies, resumes, floor plans, menus or any other company document. Here are some other uses for the CD Business Card...

Wedding Invitations; with a live video message from the couple, wedding itinerary, local events, directions and e-mail link for RSVPs.

Real Estate Demos; consolidate several properties into a video presentation

that shows interiors, exteriors surrounding convinces and attractions view multiple properties in minutes saves time and gas.

Model & Fashion Demos: If you are a designer you can show your entire line in a

photo gallery plus live performances on the runway in a video. bios or resume, and e-mail or website links provided.

Band & Talent Demos; show live performances in a video, List tour or show dates, email and website links provided. Live Help Accept Decline Close