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Web Application Programming:PHP

PHP (which stands for "Pre-Hypertext Processor"), is an open-source web coding language built on C++ by Zend. It interacts with such database technologies as MySQL and MSSQL to fuel database-driven websites, and can perform a plethora of different operations such as date calculations, email handling, website statistics reporting, image creation, and even socket handling, which controls how information is sent and received through a computer's ports.
PHP is compatible with most server operating systems, but is best suited for use with the Apache server on the Linux operating system. AWS recommends the Apache/Linux/PHP combination, as it is the most secure and stable server setup on the Net today, and therefore is the most widely used.

Case: Zitech logic developed ZrealEstate, a real estate prospect management system. The system allows real estate agents to manage alerts, email, contacts, properties, and much more…

ColdFusion, developed by Macromedia, is used to build and serve web pages. It consists of ColdFusion Studio, which is used to create web pages, and ColdFusion Server, which is used to display the web pages.
For example, a variety of content can be placed within a database as 'pieces of content.' When a user types in the web address to retrieve the web page, ColdFusion dynamically develops the pages, from the 'pieces of content,' as they are served.
Although it is very reliable, ColdFusion may be better suited for larger companies rather than individuals, as it is fairly expensive.

Where is it used?

  • Custom programs designed specifically for your business
  • Pre-designed website systems that help ease the day to day operations of your business.
  • Platform-specific coding (IIS, Apache, etc.)
  • E-commerce solutions, content management systems, data protection systems and much more.

Use exemples:

  • Member Login / Accounts
  • Online Application Forms
  • Event Registration
  • Real estate contact management systems
  • Auto-updating Site Content
  • Voting/Surveys
  • Online CMS (client management systems)
  • Tests and Quizzes
  • Ecommerce / shopping cart
  • And more!

Zitech Logic Expertise area:

  • PHP, ASP - web site programming
  • MySQL - relational database
  • XHTML and CSS - web page coding and layout
  • XML - systems intercommunications using PHP, ASP
  • Flash - animation and dynamic interactivity
  • Macromedia – Web design and code editing
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator - graphic design
  • ISS / RedHat Enterprise Linux - server operating system
  • Apache - web server software

Database Development
A database driven web site is one where the content of the various web pages is separated from its technical coded elements and stored in an organized system called a database.
The benefit of such a system is the separation of content from code. With a database driven website, non-technical people can easily update a website by interacting directly with the database via simple online forms. The programming logic behind the scenes takes care of merging the database content with the design of the website.
Case: We developed an online based application on where users can save their applications for later review. Also, we include a back-end management system for the NCACDC application clerk to review and update application status.
We also developed a dynamic hot topic management system where using an online the NCACDC staff can update their hot topic daily without the help of an in house webmaster.
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