Web Hosting

Zitech Logic provides solid, fast, affordable hosting and continually updates software and support features to provide state-of-the-art hosting every day of every year.

It is a common misconception that if a host provides space for your site on the Internet, it has completed its function. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Your host doesn't just provide disc space on some distance computer. Your host needs to technically support the things that you want to do with your Internet presence. Your host needs to be a rock-stable entity that provides the underlying software support and hardware capabilities that allow you the freedom to create your dream website without worrying about the core stability of the hosting structure on which it resides. We provide that stability. With a 99.9% up-time guarantee, 24-7 free technical support, and support for both prevailing and progressive web-technology, at Zitech Logic you never have to ask: Can my host handle what I want to do with my website?

We are a truly complete hosting solution. Whether you need hosting for a small personal website or you are looking for a company with extensive hosting experience and the capacity to provide hosting for your multimillion dollar ecommerce site, Zitech Logic will be able to provide the correct hosting solution for your situation.

Hosting Control Panel Features:

  • Easy to use!
    Our custom control panel software is simple to use but provides powerful features.
  • Account Management
    Update your account information, create support tickets, backup your entire site with once click!
  • Site Management
    Live bandwidth and disk space graphs so you know how much space your account is using, database tools, Frontpage support, and our very own online file manager lets you upload files and develop your site right from any web browser.
  • E-Mail Management
    Outstanding e-mail tools such as Webmail, forwarding, auto-responders, POP3/IMAP and STMP access.
  • Free Web Scripts
    We provide pre-installed CGI and PHP scripts that you can plug right into your site such as; counters, guest books, message forums, and much more. All clients receive Fantastico completely free!
  • Log/Statistics Management
    Download and monitor important site statistics such as daily visits, weekly visits and monthly visits including search engine keywords used to access your site! Professional web stats provided by Urchin commercial stats application free for all clients.
  • Advanced Tools
    Powerful tools for developers such as; custom error pages, directory password protection and MIME types support and much, much more!
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