Web Maintenance

Many businesses today have come to recognize that there is more to developing a website than just building and launching it. Countless businesses that paid top-dollar for a website just four or five years ago are realizing that their websites are already well on the way to becoming obsolete. Consumers easily become frustrated with websites that are outdated, slow, difficult to navigate or just downright ugly. First-generation websites are receiving less visits because they have failed to implement the latest techniques in content and design.

As consumers become Internet savvy, they learn to expect more from a website. High-end graphics, Flash animation, interactive calculators & tools, online databases, professional navigation, searchability, personalized logins, and advanced ordering options are all becoming the norm for successful websites. With more and more users connecting with higher speeds such as DSL and Cable, first-generation websites created for download with a 24k modem are becoming virtual eye-sores on the Internet. Although fast page download is still an important priority, some form of Flash animation or quality graphics are expected in a professional business website.

Zitech Logic's web Maintenance program is a website upkeep program designed to ensure your website won't stagnate and sink in the sweeping tides of Internet business and online competition. We take care of your site while you worry about other aspects of your business. Think of it as website health insurance. Think of us as the web doctors.

Website maintenance services may include:

  • Essential HTML and image management
  • Database and content management for dynamic websites
  • Web sever administration and hosting services
  • Website development updates using a wide variety of web technologies

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